Earn bounties and badges

BioBlitz bounties



100 bounty coins on registration.

Daily quiz

10 BioBlitz Bounties for daily solving a quiz.

Pass a quiz

100 BioBlitz Bounties on passing a quiz.

Reach a milestone

100 BioBlitz Bounties on reaching 1000 BioBlitz Bounties.



BioSeedling Badge

Collect 200 BioBlitz bounties to unlock.
Symbolizing the beginning your biology journey.

BioSprout Badge

Collect 1000 BioBlitz bounties to unlock.
Representing growth and progress as your knowledge expands.

BioSapling Badge

Collect 1500 BioBlitz bounties to unlock.
Highlighting development and maturation in your learning.

BioGrowth Badge

Collect 2000 BioBlitz bounties to unlock.
Celebrating substantial growth and advancement in biological knowledge.

BioNurture Badge

Collect 2500 BioBlitz bounties to unlock.
Emphasizing the effort you have put into nurturing biology education.

BioCultivate Badge

Collect 3000 BioBlitz bounties to unlock.
Acknowledging your dedication to cultivating a deeper understanding of biology.

BioHarvest Badge

Collect 4000 BioBlitz bounties to unlock.
Indicating the fruitful results of your hard work and learning achievements.

BioEvergreen Badge

Collect 5000 BioBlitz bounties to unlock.
Suggesting your biology knowledge remains evergreen and continues to thrive.

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